How can you donate to the campaign?

Any donation, regardless of its value, will help CAMIZBA to successfully carry out the health brigade to the seven communities of the Salaqui Paravando indigenous reservation. Even a donation of $50,000 COP / 10 USD / 10 EUR will guarantee, for example, the purchase of a box of masks, two large bottles of antibacterial gel, or a package of antibiotics.

CAMIZBA guarantees the transparent management of all resources and donations that are collected for the health brigade in Salaqui Paravando. Updates of the campaign will therefore be published, with reports and supporting evidence of the progress achieved.  You can check the updates here.

International Donations

With the support of a group of friends of CAMIZBA in Germany and Spain, a donation campaign has been launched through the GoFundMe platform, as it is the one that charges the lowest administrative fees. You can donate here:

NOTE: The platform does not charge us a commission for its service, and gives the possibility to the donor to make a VOLUNTARY contribution of free value (that can even be of $0, selecting the option "Other").

Donations in Colombia

For those who are in Colombia and prefer to make their donation by bank transfer, the following account is available at Bancolombia:

Type of account: Savings
Account number: 770-996338-60
Document: C.C. 1045690409

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